Why KSU?

  • high quality courses

    High-Quality Courses

    Kennesaw State University's online courses undergo rigorous review by faculty and instructional design staff to ensure they are thoughtfully prepared and delivered. Kennesaw State University's commitment to excellence and accessibility includes providing comprehensive training to faculty and professional staff on the use of Information & Communications Technologies we purchase, create, and use suchs as websites, software, and media.

    • student success

      Student Success

      All the same support services offered to students attending campus-based courses are available for online students as well! From dedicated Academic Advisors and Financial Aid counselors to licensed counselors in the Counseling and Psychological Services office, Kennesaw State Univeristy is dedicated to ensuring every student can access the support and services they need to thrive while they pursue their education.

      • innovative technology

        Innovative Technology

        Kennesaw State University is constantly evaluating the technology we use and assessing how we can make the process of online learning better. We specialize in finding creative ways to enhance online learning through interactive technologies and finding ways to ensure online content is accessible for students. We use, and create, a wide array of tools and teaching methods to provide the best possible online learning experience.