Online Courses

Woman SittingIn addition to online degree programs, Kennesaw State University offers over 500 online graduate and undergraduate courses. All of the General Education Requirement courses are available in online format, in addition to many lower division core courses and upper division electives. Existing students can create a flexible schedule by combining traditional and online courses. Transient students can augment their existing program of study or enroll in online summer courses when returning home.

Undergraduate students seeking a degree from Kennesaw State University must complete University-Wide Degree Requirements. The core curriculum consists of 60 semester hours of which a minimum of 42 are in general education and 18 in major-related courses. All of the general education courses are available in an online format as well as the major related courses for Business, Sociology, and other degree options.

To review the courses available online:

  1. Click 'Search for Course'.
  2. Choose the term in which you would like to enroll.
  3. You can search by Subject, or default to All for a complete list of available courses.
  4. Limit your results to online courses, select 'Online' next to 'Instructional Method'.
  5. Click the Class Search button at the bottom of the screen to explore all of the online learning opportunities at Kennesaw State University.

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