D2L Brightspace

Desire2Learn, or D2L, is an integrated learning platform designed to create a single place online
for instructors and students to interact, either for a completely online course or as a
supplement to a face-to-face course. D2L provides students a location for accessing their online courses, including the syllabus, course calendars, lessons, materials, quizzes, exams, discussion boards, as well as a dropbox for submitting assignments. 

All KSU online courses are housed in D2L, and a course tour can be found here

How do I log in?

D2L can be accessed at this link: http://d2l.kennesaw.edu/. Students should log in using their KSU Net ID and password.

Where can I get help with D2L?

If you have questions or need assistance with D2L, please contact the Student Helpdesk, using the information below:

  • Phone: 470-578-3555
  • Email: studenthelpdesk@kennesaw.edu