Certificate in Curriculum & Instruction

Program Information

The online Curriculum & Instruction Certification Only program is offered by the Bagwell College of Education and the Educator Preparation Provider. Georgia's leadership concept calls for the collaboration among curriculum leaders and teacher leaders in the classroom and schools with executive leaders in administration to improve their schools and student learning at the P-12 level. The program's courses, experiences, and assessments are tightly aligned with the Professional Standards Commissions (PSC) Standards for Curriculum & Instruction as outlined in PSC Rule 505-3-.55. Completion of the certificate only program and subsequent passage the GACE exam in Curriculum & Instruction results in a new Service (S) certificate being added to the candidate's existing teaching or leadership certificate. Candidates must hold an advanced degree in a PSC approved field to enroll in the C&I Certificate Only program.

Students in the Curriculum & Instruction Certification Only program complete 21 hours of coursework in Curriculum and Instruction. The Curriculum & Instruction courses require application of C&I concepts and principles in the content area for which the candidate is certified and must be applied in P-12 settings.

For more information about this program, please visit the Certificate in Curriculum & Instruction page.

Program Coordinator

For questions about this program, please contact the Program Coordinator:

Dr. Shannon Tovey (Howrey)
Email: showrey@kennesaw.edu
Phone:  470-578-3205