Online Learning Best Practices for Success

Possessing computer skills and feeling comfortable online does not necessarily ensure your success in an online course. A common theme in online courses is self-discipline and persistence. Below is a list of recommended best practices for maximizing your probability of success in an online course.

  • Manage your time wisely. Be sure to keep up with your readings, learning activities, and course assignments. There are many ways to do this but some best practices include developing a to-do list, writing it in a planner, adding it to your calendar app, planning time in your day to complete online work, etc.
  • Be sure to complete all assignments and quizzes by or before the due date. Also, be sure to participate in discussions early in the week so that you and your peers have time to respond.
  • Stay in touch with your instructor, especially if you are having technical or personal issues. Faculty cannot support you if they do not know what is happening. This is especially important if you do not think you can meet an assignment deadline. Do not wait until the last minute (or after the fact) to contact your instructor.
  • Academic integrity is still in place in an online course. Be sure that your work is your own and that you do not share your NetID and/or password with anyone.

 This list was adapted from “Online Learning at LMU”

Time Management

Kennesaw State Univeristy's Counseling and Psychological Services has also put together several helpful time management documents:

How to Get More Organized

Efficient Time Scheduling

Time Management Tips

Adjusting Your Study Habits

To help the KSU community adjust to fully online learning the Coles College of Business adapted the following document with permission from the Center for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan under a CC BY 4.0 License.

This guide can help you readjust your study habits to tackle the challanges of online learning.

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