How to Declare an Online Major

Important Information

Due to the growth and demands of online learning at Kennesaw State University, the Web Learner Program has been redesigned to properly align with the needs of students wishing to pursue an online degree program. The term “Web Learner” will no longer be used and students will no longer be able to opt in and out of the program.

If you would like to exclusively take online courses and formally declare an online major, you may do so through Owl Express. By declaring an online major, the following modifications will be applied to your student record:

  • Students updating their major to a fully-online program will not have their catalog year updated unless they change their major to accomodate the fully online program (For example: changing from a Traditional Anthropology program to the Online Geography will result in a catalog year update. Traditional Geography to Online Geography will not.)
  • You will receive priority registration starting with the semester following your major change1;
  • You will be eligible to register for only online courses2.
  • You will only pay the Institutional Fee and Technology Fee each semester. For more information about tuition and fees, please click here

Please Note: By doing this, you will be formally changing your major, and only those programs offered fully-online are eligible. You can find a listing of the current online programs here.

1Students who receive priority registration are strongly encouraged to utilize that period to ensure they are able to register for the courses they need. Overrides are not guaranteed.

2Online courses include both KSU Online (95% and 100% online) and eCore courses. Registering for an on-campus or hybrid course without prior departmental permission will result in the student being removed from the online program, and subsequently losing their priority registration.

How to Declare an Online Major

If you are interested in becoming an online student, please follow these instructions to change your major to an online degree program:

  1. Login to Owl Express
  2. Select the “Student Records” Tab
  3. Select “Declare of Change Major/Minor”
  4. Select “Change Primary Major”
  5. Where it says “Online Program,” select “YES” and click Submit.
  6. Select the Major you would like to declare and click “Submit”
  7. The major will then be routed to the department to review for approval. Once the department has made a decision, you will be notified via your KSU student email.

If you prefer a degree program major with the ability to choose online, on-campus, hybrid, or a mix of courses, no action is needed. You will remain in your current catalog year with registration time tickets being assigned based on student classification and hours earned.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at