Registration for online courses follows the same procedures as registering for traditional courses. Registration is conducted in Owl Express during a student's Registration Time Ticket.

Students can find their Registration Time Ticket in Owl Express once it has been posted.

  • Log into Owl Express
  • Select 'Registration',
  • Select 'Registration Status and Time Ticket'

Students should check their Owl Express accounts regularly starting one week prior to the start of each semester's registration phase as outlined in the Academic Calendar to find their ticket. Students will not receive notification of when their ticket has been posted.

Students are strongly encouraged to register as early as possible for the best selection of courses. Online courses do fill up, and overrides into courses are not guaranteed.

Information regarding the most common registration issues can be found below, and detailed information can be located through the Office of the Registrar's Registration Page.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Office of the Registrar at either or 770-423-6200.

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    Section Codes Defined

    The section code that follows the course number; i.e. W01, refers to the type of course or instructional method. Students should carefully check their schedule to ensure they are registering for the correct type of course as listed below.

    • Course Type
    • Face-to-Face or Hybrid
      Section code is only a number; no letter will precede or follow.
      ENGL 1101/01
    • KSU Online
      Section code will have a W precede the number
      ENGL 1101/W01
    • eCore
      Section code will have a G following the number
      ENGL 1101/02G
    • Honors
      Section code will have an H precede the number
      ENGL 1101/H01
    • Learning Community
      Section code will have a C precede the number
      ENGL 1101/C2
    • Learning Support
      Section code will have an L precede the number
      MATH 0999/L93 
  • Registration time tickets are assigned to one of three registration phases based on student classification and hours earned (including transfer hours), not including currently enrolled hours and academic standing status.

    Times are assigned one week prior to the beginning of each registration phase.

    • Phase

      Early Registration

      All currently enrolled students, readmits and new graduate students are eligible to participate in the early Registration phase.

      Early registration typically starts several months prior to the start of a semester, as outlined in the Academic Calendar. 


      Final Registration

      Available to new, readmitted, transient, and all currently enrolled students.

      The final registration phase is typically the final few business days prior to the start of the semester, as outlined in the Academic Calendar.


      Priority Registration

      Students who have declared a fully-online major in Owl Express (prior to the setting of time tickets) will be given priority registration status that will allow them to register for courses on the first day of registration. Students must be currently enrolled at KSU the semester prior to receive the priority registration period.

      Newly admitted, fully-online students, who have declared an online major in Owl Express, will receive a time ticket that will allow them to register for courses on the first day of registration. If time tickets have already been set, allow 24 hours for their ticket to be posted to their account.

  • Registration holds on a student's account will prevent registration. It is recommended that students resolve holds before registration opens. Holds can be viewed by logging into Owl Express and selecting Registration then selecting View Academic Holds.

    For further information students should contact the appropriate office for assistance.