Important Student Handbook Information

The following important information is found in the KSU Student Handbook, and should be reviewed by all students, regardless of mode of learning.  For your convenience, you can review the entire Student Handbook here.

  • In the Division of Student Affairs at Kennesaw State University, we care deeply about the welfare of students on campus and about how students, faculty, and staff members treat each other. The KSU community should be one where all people feel safe from threats of violence, anger, or oppression.

    We believe our community should be a diverse one where people of all cultures, colors, faiths, beliefs, orientations, and abilities are treated with respect and dignity.

    We understand that differences of opinion do occur, and that such differences are healthy, but how such differences of opinion are expressed is important.

    The challenge before us in the Division of Student Affairs is to work together to help create a more civil community at Kennesaw State University.

    Our committed goal, therefore, is to work together to formulate a plan of action that will help Kennesaw State University become a place where civil behavior is routinely practiced and is an integral part of our culture.

    We expect the practice of civility as a routine part of our lives in this community of higher learning.

    Learn more about the Division of Student Affairs, including our Vision Statement, Mission, and Learning and Development Outcomes, at the Student Affairs website.

  • Developed by the KSU Student Human Relations Task Force, 1998

    The community of Kennesaw State University is steadfast in its commitment to academic excellence and personal integrity. Members of the Kennesaw State University community are obligated to a practice of civilized behavior. Choosing to become a member of this community proclaims the acceptance of KSU's Creed as suggested by the following ideals.

    I will always strive for personal and academic excellence. This statement pledges a commitment to eliminate cheating, lying, disloyalty, and infidelity in all academic, athletic, social and personal relationships.

    I will always respect the rights, feelings and property of others. This statement pledges a commitment to eliminate the violation of any individual's or group's rights to freely express themselves in an appropriate way to eliminate libel, slander, malicious vandalism, theft, arson, and destruction of property.

    I will always encourage unity by appreciating the differences in people and their ideas. This statement pledges a commitment to the appreciation and recognition of others regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnic heritage, national origins, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic level, political or religious affiliation or disaffiliation, this statement also supports the idea that we can learn from the differences in our community.

    I will always remain faithful to the ideas suggested and deter any behavior that threatens the rights of any KSU member. All KSU community members are obligated not only to support the ideals suggested but also to confront and discourage inappropriate behaviors wherever and whenever they are encountered.

    I will always strive to create an atmosphere where ideals will develop an academic and social community that is civilized, rewarding and dynamic at Kennesaw State University. The students of Kennesaw State University challenge all campus members to establish and uphold a standard of excellence in responsibility and behavior in all aspects of life by adopting the ideals in this Creed.

  • The Division of Student Affairs offers a variety of programs, services and activities that assist and enhance student success. The areas included in this division are the Dean of Students, Advancement, Career Planning and Development, Sports and Recreation, Housing and Residence Life, Student Life, Student Engagement, Student Success Services, Student Advocacy, Global Learning Scholarship, Center for Student Leadership, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, and Planning and Assessment.

    While not all the supplied information is applicable to online students, most is, and the information should be reviewed by all students. The information can be found in the Student Services and Activities section of the Student Handbook

  • At a large public university, it is easy to get overwhelmed. KSU is committed to your success and helping you to navigate your way. When in doubt, or if you experience difficulty getting connected with the proper resources, contact the Office of the Dean of Students. The Office of the Dean of Students coordinates:

    • Administrative Emergency Withdrawals
    • Behavioral Concerns and Crisis through the Behavioral Response Team
    • Emergency Retention Scholarship
    • Parent & Family Programs
    • Student Conduct Appeals
    • Voter Registration & Education
    • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
    • Advising SABAC (Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee)
    • Problem Resolution Facilitation (questions, complaints, grievances)

    The Dean of Students Office also works closely with various campus and community partners to ensure KSU is providing the best care possible for our students. These include, but are not limited to, facilitating accommodations with Title IX Coordinator for students impacted by sexual misconduct, assisting with Clery Act compliance and response, and advising case referrals to the Academic Standing Committee.

    Inquiries from or about students should be reported to the Dean of Students in as timely a manner as possible, preferably by sending an email to

    All formal grievances must be in writing and should be submitted online using the submission form.

  • Just like navigating a large university can be challenging, easily finding what you need on the web can be challenging. Here are a few quick links to help you, and of course you are always free to contact the Office of the Dean of Students for help with anything.

    These links are accurate as of posting, but may not remain the most active and direct links in the future. Should you receive an error and are not able to find what you are seeking, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 470-578-6310 or email

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