Other Departments & Centers

  • The Dr. Betty L. Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center supports a variety of student activities to include Intramural Sports, Nature Bound activities, Club Sports, the Bike Shop, Fitness Programs and equipment checkout. Online students are able to participate in activities offered by Sports and Recreation by paying the associated student fee.

  • While much has changed since the organization’s inception almost 35 years ago, the goals of the Alumni Association remain the same, to serve the alumni of the University and support the initiatives of KSU.

  • Kennesaw State University prides itself on offering a premiere, personalized educational experience for leadership and engagement within a diverse nation and world. This educational experience is achieved through recognition and appreciation of the differing backgrounds and experiences reflected within the University community.

    We firmly believe that diversity, equity, and global interdependence is central to fostering supportive living, learning, and working environments. Our mission encompasses responsibility for university-wide climate assessment, diversity and inclusion action planning, academic support services, and curricular and co-curricular programming.

    The Office actualizes this mission through collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and other university stakeholders; seeking new initiatives within and across various departments and units; providing consultation, guidance, and support; and, coordinating various university initiatives.

  • The Office of Student Advocacy originated during a period of time in our history of a notable resurgence of activism both in the world, and on college and university campuses. As such, the historic profile of the “traditional college student” has now evolved into a widely eclectic population of individuals with varied social patterns, cultures, and real world contexts in higher education. This diversity often requires individual, specialized attention to effectively navigate the very systems that are put in place to aid your success. As a student, you must also feel empowered to develop your own sense of agency in order to achieve what is necessary to help you reach your academic goals.

    Student Advocacy was formed in January 2016, as a demonstrative commitment to bring KSU closer to achieving our vision of “empower(ing) the members and graduates of the university community to have the vision, ability, and courage to transform the future.” Student Advocacy provides students with opportunities to develop their voices during their collegiate journey. We help students to develop strategies to appropriately navigate complex situations as a means of achieving their goals. We listen to student concerns, investigate circumstances as needed, and facilitate problem and conflict resolutions. Our goal is to ultimately prepare students to respectfully and effectively address situations that most impact their academic success and personal well-being, in the context of the KSU Students’ Creed.