Enrollment Services

The Enrollment Services Division is a collaborative unit designed to facilitate pathways for recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation of KSU students. The division includes Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Bursar.


  • KSU is committed to remaining accessible to all qualified students despite rising educational costs. A wide variety of financial aid programs are available to help students pay the costs of attending the University such as scholarships, grants, employment and loans.

    • Academic Calendars, detailing important dates for semesters, can be found on the Registrar’s Website.

    • Online courses which require a face-to-face final exam will be scheduled by your instructors on a date and time during the Final Exam Conflict Periods, as published in the academic calendar.

      Courses that require an on-campus final exam (OCFE) are denoted OCFE in Banner making online students aware of this requirement prior to registering for a course. Online students living outside a 50-mile radius of campus will receive alternate final exam accommodations.

      The following are possible proctoring options:

      • ProctorU:  Remote online learners will receive a voucher to pay for final exams delivered through our virtual proctoring service provider, ProctorU.
      • Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLDB):  Students use this option from home with access to the internet.  RLDB prevents access to outside websites or applications for the duration of the exam and there is no student fee for this service.
      • RLDB with Monitor:  This option provides the same exam security as RLDB and includes a recording of the exam session via webcam for instructors to review.  There is no student fee for this service.
      • External Proctor:  Instructors may approve remote online learners to take final exams at approved testing centers at other academic institutions.  The cost for this option will vary based on each institution’s test administration fees.

      Proctored Exams: Students taking online courses must have received written approval from their instructors for a proctored exam at the beginning of the semester. Any change to that initially approved request for a proctored exam or any new request for an alternative date, time, or location of a proctored exam requires written approval by your course instructor three [3] weeks in advance of the start of the final exam week.

    • All registration at KSU is conducted over the web through Owl Express. There are three phases of registration at KSU:

      • Early Registration
      • Final Registration
      • Drop/Add

      All currently enrolled students and new graduate students are eligible to participate in Early Registration.

      Students are strongly encouraged to register within the Early Registration phase, if eligible. Students can check their Owl Express account for information regarding their Registration Time Ticket.

      More information regarding the phases of registration as well as other important registration information can be found on the Registrar Office’s Registration Page. Information on this page includes the following:

      • Early Registration, Final Registration & Drop/Add Sessions
      • Fulfillment of Course Prerequisites
      • Registration Cancellation
      • Registration Holds
      • Registration Errors
      • Time Ticket Assignments
      • Withdrawing from Classes
      • Waitlisting Classes
    • Kennesaw State University is partnering with SCRIP-SAFE International© to deliver academic transcripts electronically. This partnership allows KSU to provide electronic transcript delivery to any third party designated by the student.

      If you are/were a KSU or you were an SPSU undergrad student and are applying to KSU’s Graduate School, you DO NOT need to send a transcript. The Graduate School will be able to review your records without an official transcript.

      For more information about transcripts at KSU, please visit the Registrar Office’s Transcripts Page. Information on this page includes the following:

      • KSU Transcript Requests with an Active Owl Express Account
      • KSU Transcript Requests without an Active Owl Express Account
      • KSU Transcript Request for Students Who Attended Prior to March 1984
      • SPSU Transcript Request for Students Who Attended Prior to 1998
      • Associate Degree You Deserve Transcript Requests
    • As a KSU student, Online Learners are welcomed and encouraged to participate in commencement. For more information about graduation at KSU, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s Graduation Page.  Within this link you can select the options below for more information.

      • Petitioning to Graduate
      • Graduation Requirements
      • Diplomas
      • Degree Audits
      • Commencement Ceremony Information  


  • The primary mission of the Bursar’s Office is to support the University’s educational goals through the accurate assessment of student tuition and fees; collection and receipting of tuition and fee payments; and timely disbursement of student refunds. 

    • Any KSU student may register for online courses. Students who register for ONLY online courses for the semester (regardless of discipline) will pay the following fees:

      • Institutional ($300)
      • Technology ($55)

      Online students apay the standard e-tuition rate:

      • Undergraduate: $277.33 per credit hour
      • Graduate: $408.00 per credit hour

      The Student Services and Parking Permit Fees are waived.

      Those students with geographic accessibility, wishing to utilize campus resources, may do so by paying the fee associated with the service. All Tuition & Fees can be paid online; there is no need to travel to KSU’s campus to pay tuition or fees.

      For a complete breakdown of e-tuition and fees for online courses, billing, and payment options, please visit the Bursar’s Office Website.