Division of Student Affairs

  • Adult and Commuter Student Affairs (ACSA) works toward improving the retention, progression, and graduation of adult learner, nontraditional, and commuter students at KSU by creating an environment in which students can thrive. ACSA offers great programs, services, activities such as academic tutoring support, the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program, commuter student services, and student resources.

    The Adult and Commuter Student Affairs (ACSA) Center, located in Room 261 of the Carmichael Student Center at Kennesaw Campus, is a resource center that offers a gathering place where individuals from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and lifestyles can come together to study, socialize, and network. Adult and Commuter Student Affairs is a unit of Department of Student Engagement at Kennesaw State University. 

    Whether you are a returning or a first time college student, ACSA is here to meet your student support service and academic support needs. Visit one of our centers today and find out why students love our office!

  • The Department of Career Planning & Development at Kennesaw State shares in the mission of the University by educating and facilitating the career development of students and alumni, in preparation for the ever-changing work environment.

    Through strategic engagement with internal and external partners, we provide access to services, programs, and experiences that develop competent and competitive professionals who will contribute to local and global communities.

  • Student Disability Services (SDS) is the first contact for students with disabilities to arrange accommodations and locate campus and community resources. To access accommodations, students must first connect with SDS and provide the appropriate documentation as outlined by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Documentation submitted to SDS remains confidential within SDS and is not shared with third parties without written permission from the student. SDS assists in identifying appropriate accommodations and it is the student’s responsibility to submit notice of accommodations to instructors and campus departments as needed.

    As outlined in the KSU Catalog, any member of the public (non-student) with a disability who wishes to participate in an activity or program offered by the institution and needs accommodations should contact the office sponsoring the program at least five days prior to the date of the program to arrange accommodations. 

    Students are encouraged to join ABLE, the student organization for students with disabilities. ABLE plans and presents programming and activities designed to highlight the abilities and contributions of individuals with disabilities on campus and in the community.

  • Kennesaw State University seeks to foster a proactive climate of care that can only be achieved through cooperative input from the entire community. To that end, KSU has created a Behavioral Response Team (BRT) that takes a planned approach to identifying and assisting individuals who are distressed and/or exhibiting abnormal, threatening, or dangerous behavior. Through early identification, the team can connect individuals of concern with the resources they need to succeed and hopefully prevent crises. The BRT is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to assess and manage concerns that have been brought to the attention of the team.

    Below is the online reporting “Red Flag” link that anyone can use to share information about a person of concern with the BRT. The more information that is provided the better chance the BRT will have to successfully assist that individual. Specifically, please try and describe in detail observed behaviors and statements that generated the concern. Such behaviors are often referred to as “red flags” because they may indicate a larger or growing issue with which that person may be struggling.

    NOTE: If this is an emergency and there is an immediate threat call the KSU Police at 470-578-6666. Submissions through the reporting form are not constantly monitored; therefore, the reporting form is never to be used for emergency response.

    Complete a Red Flag Report.

  • Multicultural Student Affairs serves as home to a vibrant array of functional areas that support and advocate for traditionally underrepresented student populations at Kennesaw State University. This newly established unit within the Department of Student Engagement fosters co-curricular programs that link diversity, multiculturalism, inclusion, intersectionality, and social justice to holistic student development and advance the vision of Kennesaw State University to “…empower the members and graduates of the university community to have the vision, ability, and courage to transform the future.”

    Organized into three distinct functional areas, MSA provides direct support to GLBTIQ students, international students, and students of color through multicultural student programs. MSA supports three diversity and inclusion student centers:

    • Cultural Awareness Resource Center (CARC)
    • GLBTIQ Student Center
    • Global Village. 

    In addition, MSA provides services and support to students on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses and directly advises and provides administrative support to various registered student organizations that have missions directly linked to the unit (e.g., African American Student Association, International Student Association, Kennesaw Pride Alliance, etc.).

  • To promote a greater awareness and understanding of the rules of the student code of conduct and address issues of student academic misconduct and disruption of campus life so that an environment conducive to learning and individual growth can be maintained at Kennesaw State University.

  • The Department of Student Engagement supports the co-curricular student learning experience through a diverse array of offices, centers, programs, and student organizations.

    Adult and Commuter Student Affairs (ACSA) provides programs, services, and facilities, including a center that support both the curricular and co-curricular experiences for commuter and adult students with the goal to enhance their academic success and support their retention and personal development. ACSA additionally houses the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program, which provides mentoring and leadership opportunities for students.

    Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) serves as home to a vibrant array of functional areas (e.g., GLBTIQ Student Programs, International Student Programs, and Multicultural Student Programs) that support and advocate for traditionally underrepresented student populations at Kennesaw State University. MSA supports three diversity and inclusion student centers: Cultural Awareness Resource Center (CARC), GLBTIQ Student Center, and the Global Village.

    In addition, the Department of Student Engagement supports volunteer and service learning opportunities for students to engage in community service both on and off KSU’s campus through Volunteerism and Service Learning.