Online Orientation

Welcome to Kennesaw State University's Online Orientation! We are glad you have chosen to attend classes with us!

The Online Orientation is a short review of what is expected of online students at KSU, time and technology requirements, information on how to access your course, and how to find information on student resources. This Orientation should not take long to review, and there is not a quiz or student information required. 

The Online Orientation is not a requirement to receive a Registration Time Ticket. Time Tickets are assigned by the Office of the Registrar, and the assignments are based on many variables such as student status and whether a student was enrolled at KSU the previous semester. Current registration cycles can be found on the Academic Calendar.

If you do not have a Time Ticket, and believe you should have one, please contact the Office of the Registrar at either or 770-423-6200.

Please Note: This Orientation does not replace the eCore Orientation. If you are planning on taking eCore courses, you will have to complete the eCore Orientation prior to registering for those courses, which can be found here.

Please Click Here to Start the Orientation