Student Experience

  • KSU uses Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace as the learning management software (LMS) for our online courses. While using an LMS for all online courses can help students know how to navigate their courses, all courses and instructors are different.

    To learn more about how to use and navigate D2L, please click here

  • KSU Online courses follow the same semester scheduling as our on-campus programs. There are three primary semesters available: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Fall and Spring semesters are approximately 16 weeks long, and Summer is approximately 8 weeks long. Please visit the Academic Calendar for more details.

  • Maybe.

    If a student enrolls in an online class that is designated as 100% online, there should not be any on campus requirement.

    If a student enrolls in an online class that is designated as 95% online, there is typically one on-campus requirement per semester. That requirement could be an orientation or an exam. Students that are located more than 50 miles from campus can request to be allowed to take the exam by proctored exam at their location, but it is the student's responsibility to arrange for that option with their instructor, as well as pay any associated costs with scheduling and taking the exam.

  • Not typically, but please read below.

    Some online courses have synchronous online sessions where the online students can interact with classroom-based students in real-time, and these sessions are typically arranged during evening courses. While these sessions are not required for online student, it is strongly encouraged that online students attend if able. The synchronous online sessions are recorded and posted to the courses' D2L page for review by those students unable to attend.


  • Absolutely! Online students are encouraged to participate in all graduation activities. For more information about graduation, please click here.


  • No. Online students at Kennesaw State University are completing and earning the same degree as their on-campus counterparts and are awarded the same degree. There is no mention of online learning on either the diploma or transcript issued.