• Students wishing to take online courses will register for those courses through Owl Express in the same manner as on-campus courses. Students will be assigned a Registration Time Ticket from the Office of the Registrar based on their current student status. 

    KSU Online courses in Owl Express are identified with a ‘W’ preceding the section number; for example ENGL 1101/W01. Students can search for online courses through the Owl Express Class Schedule Search. To limit the search to online courses, select 'Online' under Instructional Method.

    When searching for courses, please remember that course schedules for semesters are not released until shortly before registration opens for that semester. Additionally, course schedules are not the same from semester to semester, and courses may not be available based on a past schedule.

    Please use this Registration Guide published by the Registrar's Office for further guidance on using OwlExpress to register for courses.

  • Online students have access to the same advising options as on-campus students, and should utilize those resources when determining their schedules each semester.

    For undergraduate students, advising is available through the advising offices in the academic college that programs are housed in. Graduate students are assigned an Academic Program Coordinator for advising needs. 

    Please note, Digital Learning Innovations does not provide academic advising services.

    For additional advising information, including a list of advising offices, please click here.

  • As online programs follow the same semester scheduling as on-campus programs, online students are bound by the same registration guidelines as on-campus students. 

    From the Undergraduate Catalog, Full Time & Maximum Course Load is as follows:

    • Full Time Course Load - For undergraduate students, twelve (12) semester hours is a full-time load in determining such things as veteran status, financial aid, and insurance eligibility. However, the usual load for a full-time undergraduate student is at least 15 semester credit hours in both fall and spring semesters. Since summer term is approximately half the length of these semesters and the workload, therefore, twice as heavy, KSU strongly recommends that students not attempt more than 12 hours of credit during that term. Since 12 hours during the summer may be difficult due to the short length of time, 9 hours may be more reasonable but does not count as a full-time load. For graduate students, 9 semester hours is considered full-time.
    • Maximum Course Load - During the Fall and Spring semesters, a student may register for up to 18 hours. The Registrar may approve up to 21 hours for students with an institutional GPA of 3.5 or higher. Course loads above 21 hours must also have a recommendation from the student's department chair.
    • During the Summer term, a student may register for up to 13 hours. The Registrar may approve up to 15 hours for students with an institutional GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    • Students not in good academic standing will be limited to 13 hours during any term. Course loads above 13 hours must have a recommendation from an academic advisor or department chair.

    Other important information regarding Academic Policies can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Online classes do not have unlimited availability of seats, so registering as early as possible is important for online students. We strongly recommend students review the Academic Calendar for the semester they are registering for to determine early registration times, and to review their Owl Express account to determine their Registration Time Ticket. 

    There are several options; however, if the classes a student needs are already full:

  • Yes, students can combine on-campus and online courses based on their needs and preferences.

    Some programs are cohort-based online programs that specify separate admission requirements and processes. These programs do not open registration to all KSU students. Existing KSU students can search for available online courses through Owl Express. After choosing your desired term, be sure to follow directions for searching online classes only.

    Registration preference for online courses is given to students that are designated online learners.