When Can I Start Classes?

Online programs at KSU follow the same semester-based scheduling as our on-campus programs. Online students follow the same admission and registration procedures as on-campus students, and are bound by the same application and document deadlines, as outlined on the academic calendars provided by the Office of the Registrar.

If you are attempting to apply beyond the application and document deadline for a semester, please contact the appropriate admissions office to determine whether they are still accepting application packages: 

Additionally, some graduate programs do not start every semester. Please review the Application and Document Deadline listing provided by the Office of Graduate Admissions for more information.


There are three primary semesters plus a May Session each academic year: 

  • Fall - From mid-August through mid-December
  • Spring - From early January through mid-May
  • Summer - Mid-May, June and July 
  • May Session - Mid-May through End of May; a full semester's worth of material will be covered

Each Fall and Spring semester have short sessions that are approximately half the length of the normal semester. Summer semester has 4, 6, 8, and 10-week sessions available. Each session will cover the same amount of material, and not all classes are available in each session length.

Students have the opportunity to register for any session in each semester, but must be fully admitted to the university prior to the start of the full semester. Students must be fully admitted for the Summer semester prior to registration deadlines to be eligible for Maymester.