Bachelor of Science in Sociology

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SociologyThe Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology prepares students to understand and deal with diversity, modernization, and social change ranging from the local to global scale. The core competencies of the program prepare students to enter careers requiring:

  • technological facility,
  • communication skills,
  • data gathering and analysis skills,
  • community awareness and involvement,
  • problem-solving,
  • critical thinking,
  • an understanding of the structure and functioning of groups and organizations,
  • greater awareness of their environment,
  • critical self-reflection,
  • and interpersonal and intercultural skills.

Besides career preparation, specific concentrations in the major also provide background for graduate study in sociology and other related disciplines.

Please note: The only concentration that is currently fully available for the Online B.S. in Sociology program is the CRIMINOLOGY concentration. The Cultural Diversity, Organizational and Social Change and Medical Sociology concentrations are offered online on a limited availability basis. This means it is possible for online students to graduate with a concentration other than Criminology provided they are able to enroll in all required classes in due time before graduation.

The SCJ department does not currently guarantee regular offering of course requirements for concentrations other than Criminology. Many such courses, however, are offered relatively frequently and online students should consult with their advisors to establish whether graduating with a Cultural Diversity, Organizational and Social Change, or Medical Sociology concentration is a realistic option during their particular time-frame.

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