Web Learners Program

Important Information

Girl with LaptopThe Web Learners Program is designed for those KSU students who are enrolling in an exclusively online degree program and will take all their courses online.  Students who are enrolling in a program that is available online but are planning on taking a mix of online and on-campus courses are not eligible for the program.

Please read through the below information prior to enrolling in the program so you are aware of the guidelines and requirements for the program.

Program Guidelines

  • New students must be fully admitted to KSU prior to completing the Web Learner Enrollment Form, and all students must be in good academic standing prior to enrolling.
  • Students requiring learning support (LS) courses will not be eligible for the Web Learners program until all LS courses have been satisfied and they are in good academic standing.
  • Students must maintain good academic standing to remain in the program and to benefit from priority registration.
  • Web Learners will pay the current Institutional and Technology Fees plus the current e-tuition rate.
  • Web Learners can only register for online courses, including eCore, and are not allowed to register for on-campus or hybrid classes.  Registering for on-campus or hybrid courses may cause you to be removed from the program and your registration cleared.
  • Students who later choose not to participate in the Web Learners program must formally opt-out of the program by completing the Web Learners Opt-Out Form, below, before the end of drop/add of the current term. Please note: Opting out of the program will cause any registered online courses to be removed from the student's schedule for the upcoming semester.

Program Advantages

  • As a registered Web Learner, you will have access to priority registration for online courses during early registration starting the semester following enrollment.  Please note: Enrolling in the program shortly before the opening of early registration for a semester will not guarantee priority registration for that semester. Please enroll as early as possible to help ensure availability of priority registration.
  • All Student Fees, with the exception of the Institutional and Technology Fees, are waived for Web Learners.
  • Web Learners have access to The Virtual Owl, a cloud based computer lab with access to an extensive list of KSU hosted applications. These include Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, SPSS, SAS, and more.
  • Web Learners have access to all the same technology resources as on-campus students, including 500MB of file storage on Owl Drive and technology support from the Student Helpdesk.  Additionally, the Sturgis Library is available for online students.

How to Enroll

  • Click the Enrollment link below and complete the form.
  • The form is processed by the Office of the Registrar, and can take 24-36 hours, possibly longer during peak periods.
  • Once the form has been processed, you will receive an email in your KSU Student Email Account outlining the next steps.
  • If you are a current student, a Registration Time Ticket request will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.  

Virtual Orientation

If you are a new student or transfer student who is required to complete the Virtual Orientation, there are a few more steps involved:

  • Once your enrollment has been processed, UITS will be notified to create your D2L account so you can be loaded into the Virtual Orientation.  This can take another 24-48 hours to be completed.
  • Upon successful completion of the Virtual Orientation course with a minimum score of 70%, you will receive Academic Advising information and a Registration time ticket request will be forwarded to the Registrar. Department advisors will be able to answer program questions and assist in planning your course schedule. 
  • Once you have been issued your Registration Time Ticket, please register as soon as possible after it opens to ensure the best chances of registering for the courses you want or need.

Enroll in the Web Learner's Program

Web Learners Opt-Out Form

Additional Information

  • Online courses do not have unlimited availability. Students are expected to register as early as possible during their registration time ticket for better access to available online courses. Departmental course overrides are not guaranteed, and should not be expected.
  • While any KSU student may register for online courses, only online program students registered as Web Learners benefit from early registration.
  • Students who are not part of an online program but wish to complete an entire semester online, will benefit from the waiver of Student Services and Parking Permit Fees. Students taking full semesters online and not living on campus are also exempt from the mandatory meal plans.
  • Students with geographic accessibility wishing to utilize campus resources may do so by paying the fee associated with the service.