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Financial Aid

Kennesaw State University is committed to ensuring that a post-secondary education is accessible to qualified students.

Online Students are encouraged to reach out directly to our Distance Learning Financial Aid Specialist.

The Office of Student Financial Aid subscribes to the following goals to assist students in paying for their educational investment:

  • Evaluate the family's financial ability to pay for educational costs;
  • Distribute limited resources in an equitable manner; and
  • Provide a balance of gift aid and self-help aid.

A wide variety of financial aid programs from scholarships, grants, employment, and loans are available to help students with educational costs. Most awards are based on financial need while some are awarded in recognition of merit or achievement. Financial Aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment status (12 hours). Financial Aid packages for students enrolled less than full-time may requirement adjustments. Eligibility for awards varies with enrollment status.

The financial aid office is now encouraging students to reach out to them individually by contacting the appropriate financial aid counselor. To contact your personal financial aid counselor, click the link below:


To contact the Office of Student Financial Aid, use the information below:

Office of Student Financial Aid
1000 Chastain Road #0119
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone (770)423.6074
Fax (770)423.6708

For more information about Financial Aid, please visit their website, financialaid.kennesaw.edu, or email them at finaid@kennesaw.edu

>Ms. Judith Halfhill

Ms. Judeth Halfhill


Phone(770) 423-6074